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Uneek Group Forwarding Promo Video

Uneek Group have over 35 years of freight and forwarding experience, making us one of the best choices in the industry when it comes to choosing from a number of forwarding services. Uneek Group specialise in offering a large number of freight import and export services that can be tailored to the client’s specific needs and requirements. From large vehicles to cold food or beverages, Uneek Group can meet your requirements and offer a hassle free freight experience with our more than 35 years of expeirience.


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Our Oversea Agents

Here at Uneek Group, we do everything we can to make your oversea shipping experience as painless and hassle free as possible. One of the ways in which we accomplish this is by having multiple oversea shipping agents to help with your shipment, wherever in the world it may be. We currently have oversea agents located in: North America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Inida, The Far East and Australia. This is only another reason for why your next international shipment should be with Uneek Group.

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