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The Impact of COVID-19 on Shipping

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is sweeping through the global economy but the global shipping industry continues to operate keeping world trade running despite facing severe disruptions.

Starting from China we have seen the factory of the world largely closing its doors during the first two months of 2020. But now, just as it is starting to recover, COVID-19 is sweeping the developed economies in Europe and the Americas. What will this mean for shipping and freight forwarding?

Uneek is closely following the government guidelines and the latest information from health authorities. At this time we are working closely with our customers to reduce disruption and keep their supply chain moving. This can sometimes be a challenge but working together we can often find a solution.

Guidance and advice for the freight transport industry can be found on the website, please see this link for the latest information.

On the link, you will find government guidance for:

  • The freight transport industry on international travel following government advice for British nationals.
  • Freight industry guidance on international travel during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, following government advice for British nationals.
  • International and domestic freight transport (including by air, ship, road and rail, including roll-on/roll-off transports)

For information on how we are working with our customers during this difficult time please contact us.

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Revealing Secrets of Best Products to Import from China in 2020 770 430 Uneek Group

Revealing Secrets of Best Products to Import from China in 2020

A big question every year at this time is what is the best product to import from China and what are the most profitable products to import from China? This question is not only from new importers, but also people who have years of importing experience. We have to say this question is too big to answer, because different people have absolutely different answers, according to their work or life experience. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a list of profitable items to import from China and say that these products will make tens of thousands of pounds. So instead of directly telling you what products to import, we will share with you some ideas about good products to import in 2020. By analysing these products together, you will probably find your best product answer.

In our experience, we can organise these products into 4 types

  • Cheap products to import from China
  • Novelty products to import from China
  • Conventional products to import from China
  • Useful products to import from China

Cheap Products to Import from China

  • Pens
  • T-shirts
  • Sunglasses
  • Phone protector glass
  • Phone accessories
  • Socks
  • Pet products
  • False eyelashes

Novelty Products to Import from China

  • Beach products
  • Backpacks
  • Inflatables
  • Umbrellas
  • Play tents

Conventional Products to Import from China

  • Picture frames
  • Wine glasses
  • Sports water bottles
  • Camping tents

Useful Products to Import from China

  • Stainless steel straws
  • Silicone travel bottles
  • Small kitchen items
  • Moving straps
  • Silicon baking tools and mats


Everyone has their own answer about what is the best product to import from China, but the principle of finding and analysing some good products is quite similar. Once you understand all this, you will find your answer very soon.

About Uneek Group Ltd

We have many years of importing from China and assist many of our customers with connections with the right manufacturers, suppliers and products. We specialise in managing your shipment from the factory to your door, at the best service and price. If you would like to talk to us regarding your next import from China or any freight and logistic need you have, please contact our friendly and professional team.

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The Importance of Planning for Christmas 770 430 Uneek Group

The Importance of Planning for Christmas

It is a Christmas story almost as old as Father Christmas himself. Your child – seemingly for months on end – has dropped hints about the toy that they absolutely must have this Christmas. You are left in no uncertain terms that if the toy should not appear on Christmas Day there will be consequences. But then, of course, you go to the shops to find that they have sold out.

This is a horror that no parent wishes to face – but it is also something that consumer goods companies want to avoid at all costs. The run-up to Christmas is, after all, the busiest shopping period of the year and if manufacturers can capitalise on it the rewards are vast. Take the example of the UK where shoppers this year are expected to spend £1bn in just one day. Even considering that particular day is Black Friday this is a mind-boggling sum.

Clearly, if consumer goods companies are to make the most of this huge surge in demand – and ensure there are no tears on Christmas Day – then supply chain management is going to have a very important role to play.

Of course, when it comes to supply chain management, things have never been trickier. Gone are the days where we relied on magazine reviews, TV ads or word-of-mouth to find out about the latest must-have toy or beauty product.

Today, thanks to online forums and social media, we can easily and quickly identify the gifts we want (for others and, let’s face it, for ourselves) months before their respective release dates. And with brands ramping up the advertising push through traditional and digital media in the months before the start of the festive season, demand for the product of the moment can grow at an exponential rate.

Without effective supply chain management processes in place, low stock levels are inevitable. As we have seen, running out of a highly sought-after product, especially in the run-up to Christmas leads to low customer satisfaction.

Ineffective stock management processes can also lead to many other challenges for brands, not least the pressure it puts on distribution channels as manufacturers attempt to cope with additional last minute orders, which need to be shipped in time. Or, if a brand decides to bet all on its product and over-stock in the run-up to Christmas, they risk great losses if the stock does not shift.

So what can companies do? Well, as with anything – knowledge is the key to success. If brands can identify in advance which of their product lines will be successful and when major peaks in demand will occur, then they can plan accordingly. In the past, however, there was little that companies could do in this regard beyond looking at historical sales trends and trying to project from them what will or won’t be hot in the season ahead.

Today companies have a lot more data at their disposal. Thanks to big data analytics, they can gather data from a wide variety of sources. This includes structured business data –such as past sales figures – as well as unstructured data from pretty much any source you can imagine. These different data sets can then be analysed for any interesting correlations which might help brands predict the big trends of the Christmas season to come.

In this respect, social media data is perhaps the most important unstructured data source available to consumer goods companies. If brands can collect tweets, likes, public posts and other social media data they can build an accurate picture of where public taste is heading in the lead up to Christmas.

But predicting what will resonate with customers and when is only one half of the story. Once the season is in full swing, consumer goods companies still need to monitor their supply chains to ensure actual results are matching the predications. This allows them to flex distribution accordingly and keep their customers happy.

This on-the-fly supply chain optimisation demands that brands be able to match supply with demand accurately and change supply flows if required in real-time.

The key to a successful Christmas is therefore simple. It is in essence about understanding what will be in demand and delivering on it. In part, this process involves predictive analytics and in part real-time visibility of supply chains and a solid approach to distribution. The result is a profitable peak season where supply matches demand perfectly and no customer is left disappointed.

If you have any concerns about supply chain management or fulfilment this season please give us a call or email us at [email protected]

Brexit and Your Shipping 770 430 Uneek Group

Brexit and Your Shipping

Britain’s historical vote to leave the European Union has had a global impact. From stock prices to travel plans, a lot of people have been affected in some form.

However, while some have barely felt the shift, those engaging in international shipping face significant changes.

The landmark decision to leave the EU has both positives and negatives. But, for many, the mystery surrounding Brexit is a constant source of stress. What does it mean for your business? Will it make your logistics more complicated?

If you ship goods internationally, we understand that this can be a troubling and confusing time.

At Uneek Group, we want to help you enjoy streamlined and stress-free shipments. To help you keep on top of Brexit’s impact on your business, here are some main points of concern that you need to be aware of.

UK Port Usage by Container Lines

It stands to reason that for those importing or exporting from the UK, the ability to ship directly from the UK is preferred.

However, the recent Brexit move risks potentially isolating the UK politically, which could lead to a lack of direct vessel calls. As the UK no longer has a large UK-based container fleet to play the hero, this would result in shippers needing to rely on other services.

However, many believe that container lines will continue to stop at Britain’s ports, despite Brexit.

Due to the UK’s high demand for shipment services, they suggest that it is likely that mainline vessels will continue their calls into British ports.

Trade Volume

In the short term, it is widely believed that the volume of shipments in and out of the United Kingdom will experience a lull. This can be expected, as the nation is re-establishing itself within the global market.

A large contributor to this relative decrease in trade volume is the instability and uncertainty of Britain’s trade agreements. No longer amongst the EU, the UK must forge new alliances and agreements, which will undoubtedly impact the number of goods coming in and out of the country.

However, discovering new trade agreements isn’t necessarily a bad thing – they could, in fact, lead to more favourable shipping environments.

But, at this stage, it’s too early to tell whether the scales will fall negatively or positively. As the nation stabilises its relationships around the globe, more news surrounding trade agreements and tariffs will emerge.

Border Control and Customs

As is always the case with international shipping and logistics, border control and customs can pose a threat to the speed of your delivery. However, with Brexit, it is possible that the days of red tape and arduous documentation may return.

The potential for increased costs and decreased efficiency here is unfortunately very real. As these issues arise, they will have to be dealt with as soon as possible by the government. Some companies are already lobbying the UK government to ensure that the simplification of the shipping process is on the agenda.

Ensuring the rapid clearance of your goods through customs and border control is essential to the success of your shipment.

The ability to safeguard your goods against undue stops or checks is a crucial step towards this.

While Brexit is a turbulent time for the UK, the increasingly globalised world we live in hopes to encourage open borders and advantageous trade agreements.

We are international logistics experts and specialise in complex customs clearance. If you would like to learn more about how we can streamline your shipping and customs processes, please do contact us here…