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Top Ten Ways to Use a Logistics Company

Many businesses are reluctant to outsource logistics operations, and may not even be familiar with third-party logistics and the value that these providers offer. At the same time, it can be difficult to select the right company because of the wide variety of companies to choose from along with the different services they provide.

Today individuals and businesses alike see the benefit of using a logistics company in a number of different ways. Below are our top ten ways individuals and companies are using Uneek’s market-leading services.

1. Transportation

One of the main services that Uneek Forwarding provides to companies is transportation, typically through trucking, including flatbed trucks, specialist vehicles such as cold storage trucks, and systems designed for route optimisation.

2. Warehousing

Uneek Group offers a number of different warehousing solutions from shared warehousing for multiple companies in a single space, to dedicated warehousing for a single company. A fully bonded warehousing solution is a very popular service that is available at all times.

3. Distribution and Fulfilment

Whether it’s freight forwarding or international shipping that is required, Uneek Forwarding has the right solution for you. From large containers to individual packages, we can guarantee an on-time hassle-free fulfilment process.

4. Sea Freight

Sea freight is the backbone of what we do at Uneek Group, with many years of experience and global partnerships making our sea freight proposition compelling for many companies.

5. Air Freight

Uneek Forwarding offers air freight solutions – a must for anyone needing their products in a hurry. No matter what size consignment you have, we can accommodate it in our fast air freight solution.

6. Road Freight

Getting stuff from location to location is what we do and road freight is an essential part of most solutions. With access to global operations along with our own fleet, we have you covered.

7. Rail Freight

Many routes are now opening up for rail freight, resulting in a growing number of our clients using this service. Over the next few years, it is predicted that rail transport will grow in regards to freight forwarding.

8. China Imports

Importing from China to the UK is a big part of our air and sea freight forwarding operations at Uneek Group, however, we are listing it separately in the top ten service due to its overwhelming demand. With ships and planes leaving for the UK almost every day and with our online tracking, we believe we offer the best solution for companies importing from China.

9. Car Importing and Exporting

Moving any vehicle from one location to another location can be complex and may be done in a number of ways. Uneek have many years of experience in this service and offer bespoke solutions for any vehicle to any destination.

10. Food, Drink and Pharmaceuticals

Specialist freight services are what we do best, although at number 10 these types of services are growing in popularity. Complex importing or exporting takes time and planning and at Uneek we have the skills and resources to identify any particular issue before it happens, securing the right container, transport and route for your specialised products to make sure they get to their destination in the same condition they left in.

Uneek Forwarding is part of the Uneek Group and offers logistic services to companies and individuals.

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Brexit Proof Fulfilment 770 430 Uneek Group

Brexit Proof Fulfilment


Let Uneek Fulfiment take the worry away. We’re taking the stress out of Brexit, ensuring you don’t need to worry about lengthy delays at customs delaying your stock and customer orders.


  • Fulfilment centres across Europe and the UK
  • Fully managed national and cross-border shipping
  • B2C and B2B fulfilment services
  • Inbound and outbound logistics
  • Easy and quick to launch
  • Highly scalable to cope with even the biggest of unexpected peaks

We specialise in cross-border operations, helping you get your stock and customer orders where they need to be, on-time, and cost-effectively. Our Europe wide network means we can get you closer to your customers, avoiding any lengthy delays, extra duties, and unhappy customers come Brexit time. Whether you’re based in the UK, Europe, or further afield – we’re here to help.

Don’t second guess the Brexit outcome. We’re working with each of our customers on solutions to ensure their business runs seamlessly. Whether you’re looking for a single fulfilment centre, centres in multiple countries or help with your shipping options, no-one likes lengthy (and costly) delays. Contact Uneek Today, we can help.

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About Third-Party Logistics

Everything you need to know about third-party logistics, warehousing, and fulfilment. Whether you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business, or you’ve been selling products for a while, you’ve probably thought about warehousing, shipping, and fulfilment. Sure, making sales is the exciting part. But what happens after the order is placed? Somehow your product needs to end up in your customers’ hands.

There are three ways this could happen.

  • You sell a product from a dropshipper who will fulfil orders for you.
  • You fulfil your own orders, either independently or with a team.
  • You work with a logistics company who will handle your warehousing and fulfilment.

There are clear benefits to packing and shipping your own orders: it’s flexible and cheap. For these reasons, businesses that are just starting out, and or businesses that have unique packaging needs, often choose to handle their own logistics. And regardless of age or industry, any business that is struggling with cash flow will be better off handling things in-house. Sometimes you have more time to spend than money. But if your business is growing quickly and you have the cash on hand to outsource, you may be interested in exploring third-party warehousing and fulfilment. There are many logistics companies that will store your product, and take care of packing and shipping your orders.

We have listed the benefits below…

1. Avoid long-term leases
2. No staff required
3. Be more effective
4. Save money
5. Spend more time growing your business

If you’re so busy dealing with order fulfilment that you don’t have time to focus on growth, it might be time to start outsourcing it. As a business owner, you need to be able to devote time to sales and marketing if you want to be around for the long-term.

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China to UK Air Freight Service 770 430 Uneek Group

China to UK Air Freight Service

One of the fastest growing services we offer at Uneek Distribution is our cost-effective China to UK Air Freight service for small and medium businesses.

  • Send Parcels, Pallets & Crates
  • Door-to-Door & Airport-to-Airport
  • Economy & Express Services Available

At Uneek we are experts in air freight and courier services from China, we compare quotes from all the major carriers via our online system and your own personal Account Manager can offer you the very best price at any given time.

We’ve negotiated exclusive rates with most of the courier services in China which we can pass on to you. Our customers send between 1 to 1000 commercial air freight shipments to and from China per month.

We serve everyone from sole traders to corporations, and if you are looking for a door-to-door service we can help. Our door-to-door China import service includes online tracking, security screening, customs brokerage and handling, making importing simple. This fully tracked door-to-door air courier service includes all costs other than UK import duties, taxes and China export declaration (if required).

We pride ourselves on our personal service and impartial advice – please read our reviews. In contrast to faceless call centres, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who’ll offer expert advice and chase any shipments so you don’t have to. Uneek Distribution Freight Forwarding offers the benefit of using the world’s largest freight companies through a single UK point of contact.

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The Importance of Packaging in International Logistics 770 430 Uneek Group

The Importance of Packaging in International Logistics

If you are a producer that wants to take advantage of the robust global economy, there are a range of processes that you must have in place. Most producers look to experts to help them out. Many producers will hire logistics experts and outsource export tasks, but they overlook one very critical aspect of doing business overseas. Moving from a national company to an international company comes with a few challenges. One of those challenges is not typically considered until the wheels stop moving because the challenge has become an obstacle.

Optimized packaging is what many supply chain professionals are overlooking, and it is a critical error. The same way packaging optimisation fuels the optimisation of your supply chain at home, it offers the same optimisation potentials for international logistics. Getting your packaging right is critically important in exporting your goods. A good example of a packaging fail is what a lot of Asian producers have experienced when sending goods to the EU. The EU has some very strict guidelines when it comes to palletised goods and the quality of the pallet. What is working in Asia is simply not acceptable in the EU – and it is holding up goods at customs.


If you have a good export logistics team, then you will already have had this conversation with them. However, if no one is bringing it to your attention, this is something that you will want to get on right away. The following considerations drive home how important it is to have the right packaging options.

Your goods are about to travel further than they ever have. Once they leave your loading dock, on their international logistics journey, you will have very little control over what happens to them. The quality of the packaging is in direct correlation with the condition of your product when it arrives at the destination. There is a long journey ahead that may include different conveyances. Choosing a standardised type of packaging can help to curtail costs regardless of the transportation type. Making it easier for carriers can make it easier for your wallet. For example, taking up less pallet footprints by utilising flexible packaging options can cut down on costs. If you do not have the packaging that is in regulatory compliance in the gaining country, you risk long delays and possible rejection at the port of entry. The packaging is a very serious consideration and you must make it a priority for easy international logistics.


There is a balance when it comes to international shipping, packaging and protection. You do not want to overpack your products, as that will ring up costs across the board, but you do want to make sure that you are using the packaging that will protect against spillage, rough handling and unauthorised entry. Making the right impression with business partners around the world starts with delivering your goods as promised. Damaged goods are a relationship risk you cannot afford, especially with new relationships. Having the right packaging can greatly reduce the risk of loss during transportation.

The right packaging also makes it easier for transportation companies to manage the load, which of course means less hassle for your operation from the carriers.


There is a world of packaging options available, but those options may only be acceptable in your part of the world. Pallets, for example, are used around the world, but some countries have very strict guidelines when it comes to phytosanitary measures. Some countries have ZERO guidance when it comes to phytosanitary measures and others, like the EU, are very strict about it.

ISPM 15 compliant pallets are a necessity if you plan on doing business internationally. You should use certified ISPM 15 pallets just to err on the side of caution and avoid long hold times at customs. It is not just pallets that have to comply with ISPM 15 regulations, but also dunnage, bracing systems, collars, crates and reels that also fall under the requirements. Making sure your business falls in line with these requirements will make the process (at least getting your products into the country) easier.

For more information on packaging in regards to international shipping, please give our friendly team a call, or visit our website.


Warehouse Space London 770 430 Uneek Group

Warehouse Space London

Bonded, Container, Pallet and Box storage, plus fulfilment are just a few of the warehouse services we offer in London. Being one of the business capitals of the world, many companies search for warehousing and pallet storage in London.

Although few motorways reach the centre of London, it does have two circular roads in the North and South of the city, as well as an inner-city ring road and the M25, the world’s longest ring motorway. Via the A1 and M1, London has direct links to Edinburgh, Leeds and Newcastle in the North, making it a very convenient and sought-after location. Since 2003, a congestion charge has been in operation within the city’s centre in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion.

Uneek Group have a network of storage facilities and professional logistical services listed on our website, we offer bulk storage and pallet storage together with other London warehouse services. Our order fulfilment ensures your commercial goods reach your customers on time, coupled with pick and pack and both nationwide and internationally distribution options available, offering the perfect solution.

Whether you are looking for a bonded warehouse for your commercial goods, a wet bonded warehouse for your alcohol, an ambient warehouse in London for chilled and frozen stock or hazardous and pharmaceutical product storage, we have suitable facilities.

Uneek Group Pallet Storage London, with numerous e-commerce businesses starting up, a higher need is created for warehousing with the ability to assist with order fulfilment services.

Outsourcing warehouse services will ensure you are able to utilise your time to concentrate on more important aspects of your business, such as generating more sales for company growth. To find out more about London Warehousing please call us on +44 (0) 20 8984 0425 for assistance. We can establish availability and arrange for you to receive a no-obligation quote.

Advantages of Freight Consolidation 770 430 Uneek Group

Advantages of Freight Consolidation

There are many advantages to using freight consolidation and in this short blog post, we hope to outline these benefits and show how Uneek can help your business needs.

So what is consolidation?

Freight consolidation, also known as consolidation service, assembly service, and cargo consolidation, is when various small shipments, all being forwarded to the particular location, are bundled, adjusted and shipped together to the pre-defined location. This service can lower the total shipping cost and ensure shipping security when compared to shipping individual units. A consolidation service, in general, includes the cargo transportation to the filling point, filling and arranging of cargo in the container, shipping document checked via custom process and finally re-packing the shipment for delivery.

So what are the advantages of consolidation?

  • There are quite a lot of cost advantages to freight consolidation, the main reason to consolidate is that the forwarding of many small quantities of shipments would cost more than the combined total shipping cost.
  • Freight consolidation also offers a lot of safety advantages over forwarding small shipments disjointedly. The more separate shipments there are, the higher the risk of something interrupting the delivery of at least one of the shipments. Consolidation, in turn, lowers this risk and enhances the delivery system process.
  • Freight consolidation cuts the number of separate deliveries you receive, thus forming a single channel of delivery. Goods from different suppliers can be bundled into a single pre-arranged delivery at a time convenient to your needs.

Freight Consolidation at Uneek Group…

At Uneek Group we offer a slick and trouble free freight consolidation service that cuts costs and enhances security for your goods.

For more information please contact us via the contact us page on this website.

Uneek Group Insurance Brokerage 770 430 Uneek Group

Uneek Group Insurance Brokerage

It is extremely rare for anything unfortunate to happen during modern shipping. But in the rare case of something going wrong, Uneek Group ensures that your freight is covered against any unfortunate circumstance during transportation. Uneek Group’s insurance brokerage service is tailored to meet your individual insurance requirements, whether you choose to insure a single shipment or secure an open policy coverage. Uneek further insures matters relating to supply chain risk assessment specifically and also devise suitable and precise risk treatment proposals including insurance.

In the event of loss, damage or theft, customers may report instantly and directly through our online incident report system to obtain the first available advice from our claim handling team. As a general rule, compensation is normally bound by “limitation of liability” in carriage contracts. Our licensed brokerage consultant team is capable of customising an insurance program in your context to obtain optimum compensation. In insuring your goods, Uneek strives to offer the maximum possible coverage at a cost-effective rate. Contact our friendly team today to find more information on our policies.

Logistics and Distribution at Uneek Group 770 430 Uneek Group

Logistics and Distribution at Uneek Group

Offering some of the UK’s best Logistics and Distribution services has always been a main focus of Uneek Group. Over our many years of experience we have grown all of our services in order to improve them for whatever a client’s needs may be. Recently we at Uneek Group have been investing heavily in all areas necessary to ensure high quality services are offered to our customers.

Our Logistics and Distribution department offer dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations that accommodate any particular requirement of your business, as well as a number of smart value-added services that improve the performance of your supply chain. By understanding and anticipating your logistical essentials, we are able to provide planning, implementation and management that generate real value for your business, ensuring delivery to your customers in a smooth and cost efficient manner.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team!

China Importing for Christmas 770 430 Uneek Group

China Importing for Christmas

Why preparing your China import Christmas campaign is so important!

With less than 60 days until Christmas, the holidays are fast approaching. While most of us are still getting our Christmas stock booked in and updated on our websites, a lot of companies have been planning their ocean freight for months now. China is the leading country for importing to the UK during the holiday season. Last year, China imported goods worth over £45 billion.

Transit times for your China import

Absolutely fundamental. Know this like the back of your hand to ensure that the supplier has the shipment ready on time to load the container onto the vessel. Transit times for all carriers usually range around 28 to 35 days. This varies according to the port of origin. But you should also take into account the other procedures involved in international shipping.

There is still time for Christmas

Don’t have the stock you need or time to ship from China for sales up to Christmas? Don’t panic, with air fright leaving China every day you can still get those all-important products in time for this year’s Christmas sales.

Take control of your China imports today

At Uneek Forwarding, we offer bespoke services to our client to ensure cost savings and on schedule delivery. With a number of outstanding services from China, we can still get your needed products to you in time for your Christmas shoppers.

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