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Far East Imports at Uneek Group

At Uneek Group much of our focus over the last few years has been put on expanding our Far East Import service. Our clients source products from key suppliers across the Far East, however the greatest volume of Imports to UK now emanate from the Chinese mainland.

We at Uneek Group have many years’ experience in working with clients to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations continuously – making us leaders within the industry. We offer a fully managed import service from factory through to duty paid mainland UK delivery. We can offer both sea and air freight services from the initial importation of sample orders through to multi-supplier order consolidation and full container load shipments across all key provinces in China mainland and the Far East.

London Warehousing and Logistics 770 430 Uneek Group

London Warehousing and Logistics

Have a business in London and have issues with shipping goods to your door or even issues with central London warehousing? Well with Uneek Forwarding it just got a lot easier for you and your business, we now offer a to the door delivery service to all addresses in central London from any location worldwide.

We at Uneek Forwarding also offer many warehousing solutions in central London to accommodate small or large consignments. Our storage solutions range from London warehousing to fully bonded warehouses close to London allowing customers to secure goods of any kind. All are purpose built warehouses are available for standard or bulk storage; each secured with 24 hour surveillance and manned 24 hours a day. All bonded warehousing is supported by Customs and Excise and authorized by the HMRC allowing for goods to be stored under duty suspension, deferring all duties until the point of dispatch. If you require further information regarding our London warehousing and storage, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

What are you waiting for? Contact Uneek Forwarding today to discover our low price shipping, outstanding management services and support with simple hassle free delivery to central London.

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Warehousing Logistics

One of the most important things to Uneek Group is understanding your business and logistic needs. This is why recently we have put some of our focus on growing Uneek Group’s warehousing department. This has resulted in warehousing becoming one of the largest parts of Uneek Group’s operations.

Uneek Group’s key focus when it comes to our warehousing department is flexibility. This means that our services can be tailored to suit you or your business’s specific needs. You can choose to use our warehousing for as little as one day, all the way up to multiple months. You can also choose exactly how much space you need. This is all made possible by Uneek Group’s extensive network of both dedicated and shared space, enabling cost efficient distribution solutions that enable you to fulfill your commitments to your customers. Alongside our warehousing department, Uneek Group offer a number of other smart value-added services that improve the performance of your supply chain.

By understanding and anticipating your business’s logistical needs, we are able to provide planning, implementation and management that generate real value for your business, ensuring delivery to your customers in a smooth and cost efficient manner.

Contact a member of the Uneek Group team to find out more.

Automotive Shipping & Logistics Services 770 430 Uneek Group

Automotive Shipping & Logistics Services

With over 35 years of experience in the freight industry, Uneek Group is able to provide one of the best international automotive shipping import and export services based in the UK. No matter what your automotive logistics needs are, Uneek forwarding will be able to provide timely response and general outstanding service. We are confident that we can deliver your automotive goods faster, safer and more efficiently than anyone else today.

Uneek Forwarding have been specialists in automotive shipping export services for a very long time. We are able to provide extremely favourable shipping rates and offer the choice of various shipping methods such as: sea, air and land transport. Import automotive shipping services from Uneek Forwarding also make use of our 35 years of experience in order to provide an incredible quality service. We are able to convert vehicles to comply with UK regulations.

Choosing a shipping company that understands your specific shipping and logistic needs is important. We are growing our warehousing department and have an extensive network of dedicated and shared warehouses to give our clients more choice when it comes to cost efficient distribution and fulfilling your logistics requirements.

Express Kenya Courier 770 430 Uneek Group

Express Kenya Courier

Need something delivered to Kenya quickly? Uneek Group’s Express Kenya Courier is one of our most popular services. Simply drop off your shipment to Uneek Group’s Hounslow office by 2:30pm and it will be at its Kenya destination the very next day. You will be able to collect from Uneek Group’s office in Kenya or arrange for door-to-door delivery.

We are able to ship a wide variety of freight types, sizes and weights. Packages under 4kg are only £40 (excluding duties and taxes). Larger shipments are only 4.85/kg plus £20 dutiable surcharge is over 4kg. Uneek Group are even able to ship even larger size/volume cargo, simply contact the friendly Uneek Group team to negotiate rates, no request is too large! For more information on rates and the next day courier service, visit the Uneek Group website.

Uneek group have been in the freight business for over 35 years, we have the experience to get your shipment to your destination both safely and quickly. We use this wealth of experience with our Express Kenya Courier service, we can give you complete peace of mind as you can be confident your freight will be shipped professionally.

Uneek Machinery Exports Service 770 430 Uneek Group

Uneek Machinery Exports Service

For 2016 Uneek Group has introduced something new to our already impressive list of transport services. In an age where companies have global reach, it is important for large machinery to be transported from anywhere, to anywhere. Using our over 35 years of experiance, Uneek Group can export all manner of large machinery safely and quickly. With our warehouse strategically placed in Heathrow near the airport & Barking near two London ports – the uneek team can cover the world and can offer help and advice on any machinery movements application. Contact the friendly Uneek Group team today to get an accurate shipping quote for machinery exports.

Far East Imports 770 430 Uneek Group

Far East Imports

Uneek have worked in the far east for many years. Our clients source products from their selected suppliers for us to then import their goods back to the UK in a number of different ways, including air and sea freight. The vast majority of freight from the far east originates in China, but we have the ability to import goods from a number of far east countries.

The far east imports to UK service we offer is fully managed by Uneek Group from the far east located factory to your door via either sea or air. Contact us at Uneek Group to find out more or get a quote on this service.

Air Freight with Uneek Group 770 430 Uneek Group

Air Freight with Uneek Group

Due to consumer demand and fast changing international markets can often mean that fast shipment of your goods is required. Transporting freight by air is currently the fastest way of getting your goods around the world. Due to the high amount of scheduled cargo flights, it is also a very reliable way to ship your goods. At Uneek Group, we capitalise on this speed with our air freight. We aim to ship goods by air in just 1-2 days door to door, allowing you to have access to a market very quickly.

For more information on international air freight, visit Uneek Group.

Garment Imports to the UK 770 430 Uneek Group

Garment Imports to the UK

Garment Import to UK is definitely one of our most popular services here at Uneek Group. This is a bespoke service, suited specifically to whatever your requirements may be. Even delicate garments that are susceptible to changes in temperature are no problem, Uneek Group handles every single shipment with extreme care.

Shipment by air or sea is available for this garment import service. The whole shipment process is managed by Uneek Group from the factory all the way to the UK mainland delivery of the garments.

Find out more and get a quote on the Uneek Group website.

Export with Uneek Group 770 430 Uneek Group

Export with Uneek Group

When transporting your valuable goods around the world, you should know that it will be managed by someone with the right knowledge, expertise and experience. The team at Uneek group have decades of experience and specialise in shipping goods to all corners of the globe. We even help our clients by helping to manage their shipping process almost every step of the way. Exporting your goods with Uneek group gives you peace of mind and knowledge that your goods will be safe every step of the way. We offer a large number of different shipping services, including car export and other specialised ones. This means that whatever you plan on shipping, we will be able to handle it.

Contact Uneek Group today to get a quote and more information.