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Imports from India

For a number of years now, Uneek Group’s shipping services have been used to import various goods from India. We use our decades of expertise and specialist knowledge for all our services in any location. India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. This means the country’s industries are also growing at an incredible rate. Now is the perfect time to start importing and exporting goods to help your business grow. The team here at Uneek can help you get started with our specialist knowledge and experience. Take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say after importing goods from India with Uneek Group.

“We have been working with Uneek for a number of years now, we import all different types of wedding accessories, statues, LED dance floors, chair covers. The beauty of using Uneek is they run their own containers from all over India, so when we don’t have enough cargo for a full container, they group it together with their other customers cargo, which is very efficient and works very well for our business.”


“Uneek arrange all our Auto parts imported from India, all our containers and groupage cargo. They make our life simple, as you can imagine it is a very hard country to work with and they make it that much easier, well done on a great service over and over again.”


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Our Car Export Services 770 430 Uneek Group

Our Car Export Services

Uneek Group has specialised in offering some of the best car export services available for years. We mainly specialise in car export to African countries such as Kenya and Nigeria. Due to the rapidly growing market in these countries, these car export services to Kenya and Nigeria are extremely popular. Here at Uneek Group we have the capability to export vehicles of various sizes to almost anywhere in the world. Contact us today to get a quote or visit our website for more information on our outstanding shipping services.

Uneek Group Sea Freight Uneek Group

Uneek Group Sea Freight

Shipping freight by sea is one of the safest and most reliable methods of forwarding goods. It also has a number of benefits over methods such as air freight. Shipping by sea allows larger sized and a higher quantity of goods to be shipped at once. Sea freight allows for larger scale shipping, something methods such as air freight are not capable of. It may not be as fast, but shipping by sea is a cost-effective way of shipping your large goods.

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Digger to Mombasa Kenya 770 430 Uneek Group

Digger to Mombasa Kenya

Uneek Group offers many different courier and shipping services to Kenya at competitive prices.  This week we have shipped a low loader with large digger and roller to Mombasa, Kenya, for one of our regular customers.

The customer delivered both the digger and roller to our offices before the shipping date for safe storage.  This image is taken on the day we made ready the vehicles for departure to the docks and then it was off to Mombasa in Kenya.

QUOTE FROM CUSTOMER: “Another great job done by the Uneek Team”

Uneek Group shipped large digger and roller to Mombasa, Kenya…






Our Food Export Services 770 430 Uneek Group

Our Food Export Services

Now is a great time for food manufacturers and distributors to grow through exporting their products. There is a strong demand for UK food and drink as it is seen as high quality, safe food. By exporting these food and drink products, companies will be able to see large amounts of growth. The UK’s food and drink market sales have been falling over the last 5 years, this is the perfect way to give your business the boost it needs.

We at Uneek Group specialise in food export to Kenya and food export to Nigeria, managing your export in a professional manner from end to end. We can identify any issues relating to your products in regard to any elements that may have an impact on your goods. Take a look at our service and get a quote on the Uneek Group website.

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Useful Tools

We have developed a number of fantastic tools that are now available on our website. We highly recommend using these tools to find out information regarding the size of your shipment and the best way for it to be shipped. Our website also offers a tracker for you to see the process of your shipment every step of the way. Take a look at the ‘Useful Tools‘ page of the Uneek Group website to use these amazing resources.

Uneek Group offers a vast amount of shipping services, including specialised services to suit your requirements. Visit the Uneek Group website or contact us today for more information.

Next Day Courier Service to Kenya 770 430 Uneek Group

Next Day Courier Service to Kenya

Need something shipped to Kenya quick? Uneek Group’s express courier delivery service to Kenya is the service can do just that. Shipments using this service are flown by air and can be delivered door-to-door. Shipments can be delivered next day if dropped off at Uneek Group’s Hounslow office by 2:30pm from Monday to Friday.

For more information on Uneek Group’s express next day courier service to Kenya or to book a delivery, take a look at our website.

Toiletries to Africa 770 430 Uneek Group

Toiletries to Africa

Last week, Uneek Group shipped a container full to the brim of colgate toothpaste products to Africa. Our ‘Toiletries to Africa’ services were utilized to ship this huge amount of products to their destination. As usual, all of the products arrived quickly and safely. The shipment was managed end-to-end, uneek group handled most paperwork and all of the heavy lifting. Take a look at our ‘Toiletries export to Nigeria‘ and ‘Toiletries export to Kenya‘ services to see if Uneek Group can help you!

Another Car Delivered to Kenya! 770 430 Uneek Group

Another Car Delivered to Kenya!

Uneek Forwarding has delivered another car successfully and safely to Kenya. The shipping of the large Mercedes G65 AMG was managed end-to-end by us here at Uneek Group, the customer barely had to lift a finger! Here at Uneek Group, we specialise in both car export to Kenya and car export to Nigeria. We offer top quality, end-to-end shipping services. Contact our friendly team today for advice and an accurate quotation.

Our Car Export Services 770 430 Uneek Group

Our Car Export Services


Here at Uneek Group we offer a whole range of different freight services to suit your needs. Car export to Kenya and car export to Nigeria is what we specialise in. We make it easy to export many types of vehicle, including: cars, vans and trucks (both used and new). We offer a truly first class export service where we manage everything end-to-end. Our car export service will give you total peace of mind. Contact one of our friendly team here at Uneek Group today to get an accurate quote on car export to Nigeria or Kenya.