Industry Solutions

At UNEEK we match our services to your industry and adapt them to fit with your products and company requirements. As every business sector and its products are different they always have their own set of requirements. Below are just a few of the of these sectors that we at UNEEK have developed; a set of requirements to enable us to offer you the best possible solution for your business.


Automotive Shipping

Whatever your automotive logistics needs, we at UNEEK have many years of experience in both car export and car import.

garment imports

Fashion and Lifestyle

We are Uneek Forwarding provide professional, cost-effective and trusted supply chain solutions tailored to each brand’s needs, serving tens of thousands of outlets every day.

break bulk cargo

Break Bulk Cargo

With years of experience in shipping the large and unusual, we are Uneek can handle your oversized equipment throughout the shipping process.

food and beverage

Food and Beverage

We keep your food and beverage products at their optimum conditions throughout their entire journey, to ensure all products remain at their ideal temperature.