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Uneek Group and Uneek Forwarding offers reliable and professional global freight services. When transporting your valuable goods and possessions around the world, you want to know it will be managed by someone with the right knowledge, expertise and experience. You want to be confident that it will be done efficiently, reliably and professionally in the shortest possible time.


Uneek Group has many years of experience in working with clients to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations, continuously making us leaders within the freight forwarding industry. We are even able to offer free advice to anyone interested in freight forwarding so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Automotive Vehicle Shipping

Uneek Group and Uneek Forwarding are international car export specialists, offering favourable rates for their vehicle shipping services for both export and import by either sea, air or road freight from major shipping lines throughout the world. We can securely ship any size car including; 4 x 4, caravan or motorhome by either roll-on/roll-off or by container services to thousands of overseas destinations.

Car Exports
Car Importing

Help with your EU Customs Declaration

If you need help importing goods from the EU into GB then you may need help with your Customs Declaration. This will depend on the type of goods you are importing plus the customs duties that may be due. At Uneek Group we have unprecedented experience in both importing and exporting to the EU and are here to help you with all the documentation you will need.


We at Uneek Group have an extensive network of dedicated and shared warehousing, to enable cost-efficient distribution solutions that enable you to fulfil your commitments to your customers. Our storage solutions range from London warehousing to fully bonded warehouses close to London allowing customers to secure goods of any kind. All our purpose-built warehouses are available for standard or bulk storage; each secured with 24-hour manned surveillance every day.


Store your goods under duty suspension, deferring all duties until the point of despatch.


Low-cost secured storage where your goods are stored within one large shared unit.


Flexible dedicated storage solutions for all your warehousing and distribution needs.
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FBA Shipping

We at Uneek Group offer a one-stop shop for Amazon sellers, from helping find the right overseas suppliers to handling all import, customs requirements, booking, labelling and delivery to Amazon. We understand how strict Amazon’s procedures are and our dedicated FBA shipping team are fully aware of all Amazon specific requirements. We have weekly sailings from all Chinese ports, daily flights and collections at Heathrow, experienced with Amazon CARP booking system and new (HMRC) tax regulations.

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China Business Developments and Trends

AFTER THE 2020 DUST HAS SETTLED While 2020 began as normal for the rest of the world, China announced in early January that it had been hit by a new coronavirus and that very strict measures were necessary to control its spread. For the rest of the world, life continued...


Easing of Asia-European Ocean Freight Markets

Uneek Forwarding and other freight operators are reporting some easing of the ocean freight markets in Asia in the last few weeks, including reductions in pricing from China, better availability of containers and some easing of congestion in destination ports. However, this may be ‘the eye of the storm’,...

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