Automotive Shipping

Vehicle Shipping

Whatever your automotive shipping and automotive logistics needs, we at Uneek Group can provide a timely response and outstanding service for all car shipping to and from the UK. Whether it is car shipping to and from the UK, sourcing and supplying raw materials, manufacturing plants, outbound automobiles to end customers or aftermarket logistics, we deliver your automotive goods faster and more cost-efficiently than anyone else today.

Car Exports

Uneek Group are international car export specialist, offering favourable rates for their vehicle shipping services for both export and import by either sea, air or road freight from major shipping lines throughout the world, including car exports to Africa.

Car Imports

We at Uneek Group are a leading company in the import of cars to the UK. We have many years of experience in the conversion of vehicles for compliance with UK regulations.

Freight Forwarding

We are specialists in freight forwarding, overseeing the timely, efficient and cost-effective transportation of your goods. Our freight forwarding services offer you hassle-free transport of your cargo. At Uneek Group, we work hard on your behalf to negotiate reduced rates with carriers, sort the paperwork, and liaise with carriers to ensure a smooth and successful delivery. Whether you are delivering commercial cargo or personal effects, we can offer the best shipping solutions for you and your business, along with specialist advice and support for all your Freight Forwarding needs.

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Uneek has achieved Authorised Economic operator status which is an internationally recognised quality mark that shows our business’s role in the international supply chain is secure and has customs control procedures that meet a high level. For more information, please contact a member of our team.