Uneek Group Logistics

Carefully managing logistics is integral to the success of any business or corporation. Managing the supply chain efficiently has a significant impact on the overall productivity of your company. We at Uneek Group realise the importance of logistics in any commercial enterprise and want to help your business be efficient, profitable and successful. We have unparalleled expertise in managing Logistics and freight forwarding to fit your business’s needs, and we currently supply goods to Tesco, Asda, Boots, John Lewis and many other retailers.

Take a look at our Logistic services, which include both London Warehousing and International Couriers. At Uneek Group, we have the experience and knowledge to help streamline your business by managing all your logistic needs. If you have any questions, please follow the links below or contact us via the information on this website.

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management services are expertly coordinated with our freight services around the world to give your business greater adaptability, flexibility and efficiency in meeting consumer demands. We are a highly analytical team with decades of experience in both planning and operational roles. We have a thorough understanding of data modelling, forecasting and relevant mathematical techniques to ensure your supply chain is optimised and to facilitate the logistics of getting the right product to the right place at the right time.

Supply Chain to the UK

We take pride in the speed as well as security of our services. Of course, working to time constraints and hitting targets matters in big business, and we work efficiently to be part of that process. Supply chain management is not just logistics. It is a wide and varied requirement that includes procurement, supply and demand planning, forecasting, network design and inventory control and offering this in the UK is what we do.

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Uneek has achieved Authorised Economic operator status which is an internationally recognised quality mark that shows our business’s role in the international supply chain is secure and has customs control procedures that meet a high level. For more information, please contact a member of our team.