Automotive Shipping & Logistics Services

Automotive Shipping & Logistics Services

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With over 35 years of experience in the freight industry, Uneek Group is able to provide one of the best international automotive shipping import and export services based in the UK. No matter what your automotive logistics needs are, Uneek forwarding will be able to provide timely response and general outstanding service. We are confident that we can deliver your automotive goods faster, safer and more efficiently than anyone else today.

Uneek Forwarding have been specialists in automotive shipping export services for a very long time. We are able to provide extremely favourable shipping rates and offer the choice of various shipping methods such as: sea, air and land transport. Import automotive shipping services from Uneek Forwarding also make use of our 35 years of experience in order to provide an incredible quality service. We are able to convert vehicles to comply with UK regulations.

Automotive Shipping

Choosing a shipping company that understands your specific shipping and logistic needs is important. We are growing our warehousing department and have an extensive network of dedicated and shared warehouses to give our clients more choice when it comes to cost efficient distribution and fulfilling your logistics requirements.