Uneek Group Italy Offices


Uneek Group Italy Offices

Uneek Group Italy Offices 770 430 Uneek Group

We here at Uneek Group are pleased to announce that we are opening dedicated offices based in Italy. We are now able to offer our fantastic logistics services directly to Italian based clients as well as offering support to other Uneek Group services around the world.

For more information, Uneek Group’s Italian contact information is listed below:

Uneek Italy S.r.l.
Sede legale:
Piazza Corvetto, 2/5
I-16122 Genova

Sede Operativa – Warehouse:
Via G. Bruzzo, 16
I-16162 Genova
Tel. +39 010 9845698
Fax. +39 010 9846320

Booking (italian side): MRS ROBERTA EPICARMO TEL +39 010 9845698 booking@uneek-group.com
Commercial: MR ALESSANDRO GAGLIANO TEL +39 331 1066310 alessandro@uneek-group.com
Commercial: MR ALESSANDRO GAGLIANO TEL +39 331 1066310 paolo@uneek-group.com