China Importing for Christmas

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China Importing for Christmas

Why preparing your China import Christmas campaign is so important!

With less than 60 days until Christmas, the holidays are fast approaching. While most of us are still getting our Christmas stock booked in and updated on our websites, a lot of companies have been planning their ocean freight for months now. China is the leading country for importing to the UK during the holiday season. Last year, China imported goods worth over £45 billion.

Transit times for your China import

Absolutely fundamental. Know this like the back of your hand to ensure that the supplier has the shipment ready on time to load the container onto the vessel. Transit times for all carriers usually range around 28 to 35 days. This varies according to the port of origin. But you should also take into account the other procedures involved in international shipping.

There is still time for Christmas

Don’t have the stock you need or time to ship from China for sales up to Christmas? Don’t panic, with air fright leaving China every day you can still get those all-important products in time for this year’s Christmas sales.

Take control of your China imports today

At Uneek Forwarding, we offer bespoke services to our client to ensure cost savings and on schedule delivery. With a number of outstanding services from China, we can still get your needed products to you in time for your Christmas shoppers.

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