Delays to Stage Three Boarder Controls

Delays to Stage Three Boarder Controls

Delays to Stage Three Boarder Controls

Delays to Stage Three Boarder Controls – Stage Three Import Controls on the import of goods from the EU (and EEA), were due to come into place from July 2022. However, they have been pushed back until late 2023.

This means that a number of changes will no longer apply, as was previously scheduled. The government are targeting Autumn 2022 for the publication of their Target Operating Model, which will look at a revised schedule for the introduction of the import controls regime towards the end of 2023.



  • A requirement for further Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) checks on EU imports currently at destination to be moved to Border Control Posts (BCP).
    • If you have been importing High-Priority Plants and Plant Products, these have been subject to full SPS controls since January 2021. If you had registered for the ‘Place of Destination’ designation, then checks will continue there.
    • All remaining regulated plant and animal products can continue to arrive at any UK port location. You no longer need to arrange to arrive at a port with a BCP that services your type of goods.
  • A requirement for safety and security (S&S) declarations on EU imports.
    • Hauliers and carriers will not need to arrange for S&S, also known as ENS, declarations on goods arriving from the EU from July 2022.
  • A requirement for further health certification and SPS checks for EU imports.
    • Full SPS checks and requirements for products of animal origin (POAO), animal by-products (ABP), meat and meat products, dairy products, plants and plant products, high-risk food not of animal origin (HRFNAO), and composite products will not be introduced.
    • Full CHED certificates at import and Phytosanitary certificates or Animal Health certificates at export will not be required.
    • Current pre-notifications of arrival via IPAFFS will still be required.
  • Prohibitions and restrictions on the import of chilled meats from the EU.
    • Importers can continue to import:
      • Chilled minced meat (of beef, pork, lamb, mutton and goat)
      • Chilled or frozen minced poultry meat
      • Mechanically separated meat from pigs, poultry, ratite or game birds
      • Ungraded eggs
      • Chilled ‘meat preparations’ such as raw sausages, hamburgers, seasoned chicken breasts or chicken nuggets
  • Additional requirements for organic products.
    • The import of organic foods from the EU will continue to not require a Certificate of Inspection (COI) until further notice.

Although delays have been announced to further controls, those introduced in January 2022 will remain in place. The pre-notification of arrival on IPAFFS will continue in its current form.


CHIEF will be replaced by the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) for all declarations of goods departing from and arriving into Great Britain.

You will need to prepare in advance of 1st October 2022, or you will not be able to import goods into the UK. To do so, you will first need to register for CDS, following the guide below.


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