Top Ten Ways to Use a Logistics Company

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Top Ten Ways to Use a Logistics Company

Many businesses are reluctant to outsource logistics operations, and may not even be familiar with third-party logistics and the value that these providers offer. At the same time, it can be difficult to select the right company because of the wide variety of companies to choose from along with the different services they provide.

Today individuals and businesses alike see the benefit of using a logistics company in a number of different ways. Below are our top ten ways individuals and companies are using Uneek’s market-leading services.

1. Transportation

One of the main services that Uneek Forwarding provides to companies is transportation, typically through trucking, including flatbed trucks, specialist vehicles such as cold storage trucks, and systems designed for route optimisation.

2. Warehousing

Uneek Group offers a number of different warehousing solutions from shared warehousing for multiple companies in a single space, to dedicated warehousing for a single company. A fully bonded warehousing solution is a very popular service that is available at all times.

3. Distribution and Fulfilment

Whether it’s freight forwarding or international shipping that is required, Uneek Forwarding has the right solution for you. From large containers to individual packages, we can guarantee an on-time hassle-free fulfilment process.

4. Sea Freight

Sea freight is the backbone of what we do at Uneek Group, with many years of experience and global partnerships making our sea freight proposition compelling for many companies.

5. Air Freight

Uneek Forwarding offers air freight solutions – a must for anyone needing their products in a hurry. No matter what size consignment you have, we can accommodate it in our fast air freight solution.

6. Road Freight

Getting stuff from location to location is what we do and road freight is an essential part of most solutions. With access to global operations along with our own fleet, we have you covered.

7. Rail Freight

Many routes are now opening up for rail freight, resulting in a growing number of our clients using this service. Over the next few years, it is predicted that rail transport will grow in regards to freight forwarding.

8. China Imports

Importing from China to the UK is a big part of our air and sea freight forwarding operations at Uneek Group, however, we are listing it separately in the top ten service due to its overwhelming demand. With ships and planes leaving for the UK almost every day and with our online tracking, we believe we offer the best solution for companies importing from China.

9. Car Importing and Exporting

Moving any vehicle from one location to another location can be complex and may be done in a number of ways. Uneek have many years of experience in this service and offer bespoke solutions for any vehicle to any destination.

10. Food, Drink and Pharmaceuticals

Specialist freight services are what we do best, although at number 10 these types of services are growing in popularity. Complex importing or exporting takes time and planning and at Uneek we have the skills and resources to identify any particular issue before it happens, securing the right container, transport and route for your specialised products to make sure they get to their destination in the same condition they left in.

Uneek Forwarding is part of the Uneek Group and offers logistic services and freight forwarding to companies and individuals.

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