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Warehouse Space London

Bonded, Container, Pallet and Box storage, plus fulfilment are just a few of the warehouse services we offer in London. Being one of the business capitals of the world, many companies search for warehousing and pallet storage in London.

Although few motorways reach the centre of London, it does have two circular roads in the North and South of the city, as well as an inner-city ring road and the M25, the world’s longest ring motorway. Via the A1 and M1, London has direct links to Edinburgh, Leeds and Newcastle in the North, making it a very convenient and sought-after location. Since 2003, a congestion charge has been in operation within the city’s centre in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion.

Uneek Group has a network of storage facilities and professional logistical services listed on our website, we offer bulk storage and pallet storage together with other London warehouse services. Our order fulfilment ensures your commercial goods reach your customers on time, coupled with pick and pack and both nationwide and internationally distribution options available, offering the perfect solution.

Whether you are looking for a bonded warehouse for your commercial goods, a wet bonded warehouse for your alcohol, an ambient warehouse in London for chilled and frozen stock or hazardous and pharmaceutical product storage, we have suitable facilities.

Uneek Group Pallet Storage London, with numerous e-commerce businesses starting up, a higher need is created for warehousing with the ability to assist with order fulfilment services.

Outsourcing warehouse services will ensure you are able to utilise your time to concentrate on more important aspects of your business, such as generating more sales for company growth. To find out more about London Warehousing please call us on +44 (0) 20 8984 0425 for assistance. We can establish availability and arrange for you to receive a no-obligation quote.